Richard Dennis

Richard Dennis, Wildfire II, 2020, oil on canvas, 22"x 14"

About: Richard Dennis

Sculptor of the picture plane, a colorist who glazes a chemically rich surface, a draughtsman whose sublime instincts may surprise even the artist himself and a storyteller of compelling narratives whose multiple meanings seduce the viewer like a Venus fly trap.

Artist Exhibition History/CV

Student Honor Exhibition, R.I.T. Rochester, NY

Student Honor Exhibition, R.I.T., Rochester, NY

Faculty Exhibition, All of Us Art Workshop, Rochester, NY
Invitational Show, Germano Gallery, Rochester, NY

Clay Invitational, All of Us Art Workshop, Rochester, NY

Faculty Exhibition, Thousand Islands Museum Craft School, Jamestown, NY
Local Clay, ClaySpace Gallery, Erie, PA

Chairs, National Traveling Exhibition, Mount Pleasant, MI
Sculpture with Pedestal, Detroit Focus, Detroit, MI
ClaySpace Invitational, Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
Minor Works by 17 Major Sculptors, Jamestown, NY
60th Annual Spring Show, Erie Art Center, Erie, PA
Student Summer Show, Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI
Plates, Platters and Bowls, Dovetail Gallery, Erie,
PA Invitational: CLAY, ClaySpace Gallery, Erie, PA
Dangerous Intersections, Outdoor Sculpture Show, MI

PhotoNational, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA
Heat Seeking Chairs, Isis Gallery, South Bend, IN
Cranbrook Academy Show, Beck Gallery, Alma, MI Panorama ’84 Erie, PA
NPAA, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA
Multiple Media, ClaySpace Gallery, Erie, PA
October Evenings, Meadville Council on the Arts, Meadville, PA

The Rape, Theater of the Inert, ClaySpace Gallery, Erie, PA
Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition, University of Hawaii, Hawaii (Traveling exhibition)
62nd Annual Spring Show, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA
Three Rivers Arts Festival, PPG Building, Pittsburgh, PA
Sculpture Invitational, Bruce Gallery, Edinboro, PA
Society of Sculptors, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
SelF-Portrait Show, Martin Luther King Center, Erie, PA
Doodle House Show, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA
Panorama ’85, Erie, PA
ClaySpace Artists Show, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA
Lamp Invitational, Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA
Mail Art Exhibition, Frame Shop Gallery, Erie, PA
Mail Art Exhibition, Bob Dog Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Better Art Through Industry, ClaySpace Gallery, Erie, PA
EXIT, School 33 Art – Center, Baltimore, MD
Asexual Adventure, Martin Luther King Center, Erie, PA
Painting Invitational, Kipp Gallery, Indiana,
FA Sculpture Invitational, St. Mary’s School, St. Louis, MO
Sculpture As the Sculpted Object, Zoller Gallery,

PA Panorama ’87, Erie, PA
Sculpture Invitational, Fulton Ferry Park, NY,NY

Eclectic Sculpture, Zoller Gallery, Penn State University, PA
Roll Over, Installation, Willis Gallery, Detroit, MI
Tried and True, Sisson Gallery, Dearborn,MI
Sculpture Tour, University of Knoxville, Knoxville, TN